Who We Are

The Indo Japan Industry Academia Alliance, more commonly known as IJIAA, is a forum that was founded with the mindset to promote the awareness and understanding of not only the various work opportunities in Japan, but also to enhance their learning about Japanese culture and heritage. Apart from this, the IJIAA forum works to establish a Japanese ecosystem that promotes Indo-Japan cultural and technical activities.

The IJIAA forum was founded in order to have a stronger bond with Japanese universities/businesses, to give the students of IJIAA a better chance to pursue their higher education and employment in Japan. We all join together and connect our experience as well as our expertise during collaboration, to successfully accomplish a common goal.

As of 2022, under the IJIAA forum, we have delivered events and activities, in joint collaboration with Japanese Pluz, Mosaique Pvt Ltd and Denmark Corporation Ltd

Some of the main highlights are :

  • Online interactive session with Dr. Yamazaki Yoichi, from Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan.
  • Consulate of Japan, Taga Masayuki’s visit for the Graduation Day 2016-2020 and Robotics Lab Inauguration at KPRIET.
  • Mr. Hiro Ishida, Founder of Mosaique Pvt Ltd was also present for the inauguration of the KPRIET Robotics Lab.
  • IJIAA forum members visited Mosaique Pvt Ltd, Chennai on November 4th 2022. (They were given explanations about the projects that Mosaique Pvt Ltd were currently working on.)
  • By the Consulate’s invitation to the Chennai Japan Expo 2022, the IJIAA forum members conducted a Chopstick and Origami workshop at Chennai Japan Expo on November 5th 2022. (This expo was organized in recognition of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and India).
  • Mr. Hiro Ishida’s visit for Ocean 2022 (Oneness in Culture, Education and Tradition) at KPRIET.
  • Internship for KPRIET students by Mosaique Pvt Ltd and Denmark Corporation Ltd.