Inauguration of KPRIET IJIAA FORUM and Online Interactive Session with Dr. Yamazaki Yoichi, from Kanagawa Institute of Technology:

On 30th April 2022, KPRIET IJIAA FORUM was inaugurated and an MoU was signed between SST Global and KPRIET. The Forum is an initiative to establish a Japanese atmosphere in KPRIET and also to educate the students about the vast opportunities in Japan and their culture.

The Interactive session with Dr.Yamazaki Yoichi, from Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan, was initiated by the KPRIET IJIAA Forum. The event was conducted on 30th April 2022, from 10-11 a.m. There were about 35+ participants and a few students interacted with Dr. Yamazaki. He shared with us a few points about Japan and Kanagawa Institute of Technology and also some technical concepts. The participants were then engaged in an origami event, where all of the participants did some origami. The event was concluded by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between KPRIET and SST Global in coordination with Japanese Pluz. Overall it was a good first event for us.